Wood Species

Transforming Reclaimed Michigan Trees into Unique Wood Slabs of Unmatched Beauty


Beech wood, a true classic in European woodworking, stands as a symbol of elegance and tradition. With its pale, creamy hue and subtle grain, Beech exudes a sense of timeless simplicity. Its clean lines and unassuming beauty have made it a staple in fine furniture-making and cabinetry for generations. The versatility of Beech is one of its most notable attributes. It readily accepts stains and finishes, allowing it to adapt to various design styles and aesthetics. From traditional to modern, Beech wood seamlessly integrates into diverse interiors, adding a touch of natural sophistication. Beech wood's strength and durability have also earned it a reputation for reliability. It's a wood that stands the test of time, just as the sturdy Beech trees that grace European forests endure for centuries. Its pale complexion can develop a honeyed patina over time, a testament to its resilience and adaptability.

Honey Locust

Honey Locust wood, reminiscent of liquid amber, boasts a mesmerizing golden hue that captures the essence of a sunny afternoon in a forest glade. Its grain patterns are akin to the intricate veins of a leaf, weaving tales of nature's artistry. This wood exudes warmth and radiance, making it a unique choice for those who seek the sunny side of wood aesthetics. The appeal of Honey Locust extends beyond its beauty. It's a wood that has a story deeply rooted in American history, often used by early settlers for construction and furniture-making. Its strength and durability are a testament to its ability to withstand the test of time. Whether used in cabinetry, flooring, or artisanal creations, Honey Locust offers a touch of golden elegance that brightens any space. Choosing Honey Locust is like inviting a piece of sunshine into your home. It's a wood that celebrates the joy of life and nature's brilliance, a reminder that even in the heartwood of trees, there's a radiant beauty waiting to be discovered.


Sycamore wood, with its ivory-toned canvas and mesmerizing bronze accents, brings an air of timeless beauty to the world of woodworking. Its grain patterns, reminiscent of delicate ripples in a pond, create an ethereal and soothing aesthetic. Sycamore wood is a testament to nature's artistry and the embodiment of understated elegance. Throughout history, Sycamore has been revered for its versatile application. It's often chosen for its subtle and graceful appearance, which makes it ideal for fine furniture, musical instruments, and intricate veneers. Its ability to take on intricate finishes and carvings speaks to its adaptability and enduring allure.


Oak wood, revered for its durability and versatility, stands as a testament to nature's artistry. Its intricate grain patterns tell stories of growth and resilience, as the wood's strong fibers interweave like the threads of a grand tapestry. The warm, golden-brown hue exudes a sense of heritage and tradition, capable of adapting to both rustic and contemporary settings. Oak's stoic presence has graced furniture, flooring, and architectural marvels for centuries, embodying a connection between the past and the present. As light dances upon its surface, one can't help but be captivated by its enduring elegance, making oak a cherished choice for those who seek not only a piece of nature but a piece of history.


Cherry wood, like a fine wine, matures with age, deepening its reddish-brown tones to create a symphony of warmth and beauty. The wood's enchanting allure lies not only in its evolving color but in its smooth and lustrous surface that begs to be touched. Each piece seems to have its own story to tell, its grain patterns revealing a sense of movement frozen in time. From classic to contemporary interiors, cherry's elegance remains a constant, adding a touch of refined luxury. As the wood ages and mellows, it develops a patina that becomes a fingerprint of the owner's life journey. Choosing cherry is choosing a companion that will age gracefully, creating an atmosphere that's not just lived in, but lived through.


Elm wood, with its innate ability to showcase the raw beauty of nature, brings an authentic rustic charm to any space it graces. Its diverse grain patterns flow like rivers across the wood's surface, creating captivating visual narratives that whisper of windswept landscapes and untamed wilderness. The interplay between light and dark tones adds depth and character, making each piece a unique work of art. Elm's history is intertwined with humanity's journey, used for everything from ancient boat building to intricate furniture design. Its inherent strength and distinctive character offer a tangible connection to the Earth's past, reminding us of the unbreakable bond between mankind and the natural world.


Walnut wood, a true embodiment of opulence, takes center stage with its deep chocolate-brown color and regal demeanor. The wood's fine, straight grain flows like a river of dreams, inviting the eyes to explore its intricate pathways. Its dark hues give rise to an air of refined luxury, making it a staple choice for exquisite furniture and artistic craftsmanship. Every piece cut from a walnut tree seems to carry within it a sense of timelessness, an heirloom in the making. As light caresses its surface, the wood gleams with a distinct radiance that can only come from nature's own hand. Choosing walnut is more than selecting wood; it's embracing a legacy of grandeur that defies the boundaries of time.


Maple wood, with its pale, creamy complexion, becomes a blank canvas upon which modern design dreams are painted. Its gentle grain patterns, like whispers of gentle breezes, add a touch of subtle texture that elevates its minimalist appeal. The wood's light hue infuses spaces with brightness and vitality, making it a popular choice for contemporary interiors seeking a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. As light dances across its surface, it highlights the wood's clean lines and immaculate finish. Maple's charm lies in its ability to adapt, seamlessly integrating with various design aesthetics while bringing its own unique touch of understated elegance. Choosing maple is choosing a backdrop for life's moments, a stage that enhances the beauty of every scene.


Experience the Artistry of Transforming Metro Detroit’s Urban Wood Waste Into Useable, High Quality Wood Products!

Our meticulous process ensures that each piece showcases the natural beauty and character of the wood. From carefully selecting the raw materials to applying the perfect finish, we are committed to creating stunning and durable pieces that will be cherished for generations. Tree-Purposed customers are proud to support a local small business producing a high quality handmade product!