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5 Reasons You Need to Invest in Beautiful Meeting Spaces and Common Areas for your office

investing in a meeting space with our Custom Hardwood Conference tables, Community Tables, and Custom Millwork isn't just about furnishing a room. It's about shaping an environment that nurtures creativity, enhances productivity, impresses clients, and sets you apart. It's about making a statement: "We're here to do exceptional things."

How To Maintain Your Rubio Monocoat Wood Finish

All the steps necessary to care for your Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C treated surfaces.

Experience the Artistry of Transforming Metro Detroit’s Urban Wood Waste Into Useable, High Quality Wood Products!

Our meticulous process ensures that each piece showcases the natural beauty and character of the wood. From carefully selecting the raw materials to applying the perfect finish, we are committed to creating stunning and durable pieces that will be cherished for generations. Tree-Purposed customers are proud to support a local small business producing a high quality handmade product!