Johnny Noodle King - Reclaimed Wood Bar Build

What good is a blog if you never post??  It's been about a year since we launched the new site and I have yet to make a real blog post!


We started concept and design work on Johnny Noodle King in the fall of 2013.  The owners, Jacq and Christine, were awesome to work with.  They had salvaged 2x4 lumber from one of their other projects on nearby Bagley Street.  Aside from giving us this material to work with, they were very open to our main concept of bringing together reclaimed wood and raw steel to create a heavy, industrial theme.

The project kicked off by collecting the reclaimed wood and bringing it back to our shop to dry.  When using reclaimed wood, it is always important to make sure the wood is at a suitable moisture content before milling begins.  While the wood was drying out we began work on the bar and wood wall frame, which was constructed of 1.5 x 3" steel tube.  Once dry, the 2x4s were milled and prepped for the butcher block bar top and accent wall.  Heading into the holiday season we were scrambling to get everything in order to begin the install in January of 2014.  Little did we know, this winter would be some of the coldest and snowiest weather Detroit has ever seen!  The winter weather was so bad, it delayed the roofing and other contractors preventing us from starting our install until late March.

Once the weather finally broke and we were able to begin, the bar and reclaimed wood wall install went off without a hitch!  With the bar and wall in place, we turned our attention to the bar stools, server station cabinet doors, and other finishing touches.  The warmer weather brought with it the start of a very busy tree season for Arbor Man LLC.  Trying to manage two small businesses for the first time was interesting but, early on, I could not help the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by the amount of work. For me , the end of the project turned into a blur of epoxy pours and calling in my dad and brother to bail me out.  It's always good to have a retired Tom (Dad) in your back pocket, haha!

Special thanks to:
Owners Jacques and Christine Driscoll for trusting me with this project and for the opportunity!
TJ Kolar of TACC Services for working with us on all the metal work!

Remember to check out Johnny Noodle King and EAT RAMEN!  If Ramen isn't your thing, check out Green Dot Stables a couple blocks away, I hear its pretty good too ;)

Click through the gallery, below, to see the project from start to finish.