Tree-Purposed is built around salvaging urban hardwoods from around Metro Detriot.  Trees are condemned and removed everyday from our urban forest.   Our mission is clear, save this local natural resource from landfills, tub grinders and burn piles. 

Tree-Purposed was founded by Evan Burger, owner of a local tree service, Arbor Man LLC.  Our connection with Arbor Man allows us to do something very few can do.  We can safely and efficiently remove a dead, dangerous or unwanted tree in an urban setting,  recycle it into useable raw materials in the form or lumber and slabs, then handcraft retail products and one of a kind custom works using our recycled urban wood.  Being in control of the entire process allows us to maintain a high level of quality throughout.

Our customers are proud to support a local small business producing a high quality handmade product.  Whether its a custom designed and built dinning table or a one of a kind live edge slab for your next project we are here to bring your wood ideas to life!

Our products include:

- Air dried and kiln dried dimensional lumber
- Air dried and dried live edge slabs, small, large, and unique slabs
- Firewood, bulk logs, split and sorted by species, bonfire wood, and smoking wood chunks

Custom Works:
- Coffee tables, dining tables, side boards
- Desks, conference tables
- Book shelves and custom shelving
- Bars, restaurant furniture
- Mosaic walls
- Anything you can think up!  We love to work on new designs!

Retail Products:
- Coasters – custom branding available to promote your business or event
- Cutting boards, cheese boards, charcuterie board, bread boards, serving boards